Starters Orders 5 update!

The Starters Orders 5 update page has been updated! A list of features and a few screenshots are avaiable. Go Here.

2 thoughts on “Starters Orders 5 update!

  1. 1 i think there should be picture taken in the winner’s encloser after a race with trainer, jockey, groom and owner

    2 i think the exercise report should be stored/ saved for the horses in terms of split time and position finished in a gallop & names also the in the always fit and prime mode pool, cantering or speed option should be available instead of strictly galloping distant. eg. a horse speed may be fine only stamina is weak so i would want to pool that horse regular

    3 i think a trainer should be allowed to hire more than one apprentice jockey in a season and more apprentice be available for future season

    4 when it comes to breeding in real life horses that are non owned should be available for breeding not only the fist year it is retired but maybe 2 -3 season raised the breeding price yearly if necessary this is how the game will be very competitive and also when a trainer sells his horse and it wins a race after that a percentage of the purse money should go to the breeder each time it wins

    5 may when it comes down to the final stages there could be some Indian style of riding for the any first 4 horses / when a jockey causes another to fall he should be suspended.

    6 vets should be in the game to keep horses in good health and diagnose horses that may prone to injury because of joints problems etc.

    7 i have tried different equipments on the horses but i don’t see it speeding up/ slowing down or relaxing the horses. how about figure eight (&), tongue tie (T), hood (H)

  2. Starters orders 5,will there be any spills(horses and jockeys falling)during the race in the flat racing mode?
    Any chance of a short parade of runners before the races?
    Looking forward to so5 this month.
    Great game.

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